I changed trains three times through the night before reaching Interlaken, Switzerland. With 2 days of zero sleep and pretty much no food I got off the train to search for the final hostel of the trip. To keep the trend going I got lost, walking right past the big blue sign of the hostel three times. Eventually stumbled into the wrong place where they told me where the right place was and managed to book my room for 2 nights.

Threw my bags down and went to hire a kayak for 4 hours to make the most of the morning. The lady kept asking me if I was really ready to go after not quite believing that I had rocked up in a denim shirt and skinny jeans to go into the lake. 

I paddled around for a few hours almost getting run over by boats, capsized by waves and falling down waterfalls before making my way back completely soaked and freezing which at least made the lady smile. Don't go kayaking in skinny jeans.

Changed into my last pair of half clean clothes and headed back out to explore the mountain behind the hostel.

After 16 days I finally had access to a washing machine and enough time to use it. With one day left I finally had clean clothes again.

Got up up before sunrise and made my way to Grindelwald and up into the Burnese Alps and spent the whole day getting completely lost in the misty mountains.

16 days later I sat at the top of a mountain I didn't know the name of after wandering around 6 different countries and 17 cities in two weeks. Every place I stopped held it's own special memories and moments that I will never forget. In escaping the busyness of the every day I found the beauty in it. I got lost in pretty much every city I walked into but it didn't matter. Sometimes on the way to the dream you get lost and find a better one.

Go and explore.