Day 5 #ExploringTheKingdom

After a long 11 hour night ride to the border of Switzerland we finally reached Bern. 


We had no route or any sort of plan for the day, which I was kind of getting used to, but managed to make our way down to the river which began one of the most memorable days of the trip.

We jumped from an overpriced bus onto an overpriced cable car which took us up to check out the views over the city. It was a beautiful place, but it wasn't quite what we had in mind...

We stayed just long enough to justify adding it to our list of cities and headed back to the station to figure out how to complete our experience of Switzerland.

Directed to the other side of Switzerland by the young guy at the info desk, we jumped onto another pretty lengthy train journey to the next destination. 



As we came through yet another small valley and over the top of another hill, our first view of Lake Geneva was finally revealed. We pretty much just said "wow" repeatably for the next 30 minutes of the journey as we looked over the most stunning place we had ever been.

We reached Montreux and were told that it was for rich tourists and that for somewhere to stay for the night we should head further down the lake. Guess we were under-dressed.

Back onto the train for a short ride back to Vevey. 

We found our way to the towns only hostel and jumped straight in the shower, I won't mention how many days we had been without one. Can't complain when this ends up being the view from your dorm!  

We threw our bags into the locker and went straight down to the lake.

After failing to discreetly change out of our shorts we jumped straight in and watched the sun slowly go down over the horizon. 

We spent about 4 hours wandering back to the hostel and trying to take in every inch of the beautiful setting that we had found ourselves in. 

Beauty personified... 

I will never forget going to sleep seeing the sun set over Lake Geneva and waking up with the fresh Swiss air blowing through our open window as the sun began to rise above the mountains. 

We reluctantly packed up and headed back to the train station to chase more incredible moments.

It would take a while to catch them...