Back on to the train in Venice at 9pm to make my way to Germany by sunrise. After 11 hours staring out at the night sky not being able to sleep the train rolled into Munich Central Station.


I had been thinking how fortunate it was to have tropical weather in every city so far and was hoping for the best, but Munich decided to make up for the rain that I had missed out on. I left my bags in a friends flat and left to explore anywhere and everywhere in Munich with what was meant to be a waterproof coat and the small folded map my friends had given me in my back pocket.

The pouring rain made it pretty difficult to get the camera set up but captured what I could under the cover of the churches and and museums that you find on every corner.

After hopping from church to church I made my way to Munich's Olympic park just as the rain finally slowed down. 

Looking out into the distance thinking... I have to walk all the way back now.

After a long walk back to the other side of Munich I packed up again to leave by 8pm. A short and wet stay in the 6th country and 16th city.

I jumped back onto the train for what would be the longest night yet as I made my way back to Switzerland where I would finish off the journey.


To be continued...