Day 6

We jumped on the train at 9am in Switzerland and got off at 10pm in San Remo, Italy. 13 hours on the train... 13 hours.

Day 7

Spent the morning walking under palm trees as we headed back to the station to make our way to the South of France, determined to experience a little more than a train carriage.


San Remo



We had to settle for another 3 hours on the train to make it to the border, with an hour break in Ventimiglia. It at least meant we could stand on the shore of the beach and get a few more photos before rushing back to the station.



4 hours later we had been to Monaco and Cannes for a total of 20 minutes each and back on to the train to go back the way we came, escaping the business of the tourist hotspots.

We reached our final destination at 4pm which ended up being a small town on the side of a mountain that we had never heard of. It was perfect, but we weren't quite done yet. All the hotels at the bottom of the mountain were full.

After a 30 minute bus ride we reached the top where it seemed all the hotels there were also full. We wandered around questioning the whole idea of leaving Switzerland behind before we finally managed to bargain with a small hotel owner to bring the price down for his remaining room. Don't think we looked too desperate pulling coins out of every pocket to make up the cost. 

We threw our bags down and crashed in the room for another 20 minutes before finally getting down to the beach at 5pm.

We forgot about the unexpected 21 hour trip to get here as we watched the sun go down over the beautiful warm waters of the Mediterranean.

Go outside your comfort zone


Literally, forgot about everything. When it got to 9pm we started to wonder if the bus would run at night and quickly ran to find out. They don't. 

We walked for 3 hours up the mountain to get back to our hotel and started to wonder if a least the restaurants would serve late. They don't. We ended up sitting on the floor of our room sharing a small bag of nuts and drinking out of the tap.

Living the life.