Well, this has been a long time coming. This trip adds up to my 5th time over in Colombia but the first blog I have managed to pull out. You'll see from some of the photos why I'm a little distracted when I'm there!

The blog is made up of a two week trip in December where I travelled to Bogota, Guatavita and Cartagena. I had to head back for work in the first two weeks of January where I also fit in a little adventure in Scotland which will visit the blog soon! But on January 18th I jumped on another plane back to Bogota and spent another two weeks exploring Bogota and Villa De Leyva. Enjoy!

December: Guatavita


Taking photos of waves 101: Stand far away.

You don't learn if you don't make mistakes, right? Well, as you can see from the little montage below I had a pretty wet lesson after taking some close ups of the evening waves on the second day of the trip.

The wave just looked so tame! I casually sat on the rocks snapping away as it rolled in, then crashed in, then splashed all over the rocks... and everything sitting on the rocks. 

Time to put the camera away and pray salt water isn't as bad for cameras as everyone says it is.

Ps. It is.

The Old City

Castillo San Felipe De Barajas

Cartagena is such a beautiful and historic place. If you're not a beach person you can spend hours and hours exploring the old streets and landmarks all around the city.

The city is even more beautiful at night. But getting a taxi at night on the other hand is pretty impossible. Don't even try. 

The next day we headed to a small island just opposite our hotel to go jet skiing, swim in the clearer water and see what all the hype was about regarding fish eyes. It's as disgusting as it sounds.

Colombian Miami

With the sun setting we had to rush back to the main island before the waves got to big for the small motor boat that had taken us across.

We made it back just in time for one of the most beautiful golden hours I have seen.


Despite my earlier lesson about taking photos of waves I headed back out into the sea up to waist height and tried again. I wish the sun could stand still and let me watch this view forever, but I guess that's why I love taking photos. 

Here's where I admit to forgetting my gopro. We spent the last days exploring more islands where the water was like glass. I snorkelled in the clearest water I have ever seen and swam with hundreds of fish along a beautiful coral reef. One of the best things I have ever done. It's true, I promise! I'll be heading back with my gopro to capture this beautiful side of the country as soon as possible. I'm learning that sometimes it's good just to make the most of a moment. So sorry but you guys don't get to share in this one!

*Insert two week gap and 'Exploring Scotland'

January: Villa De Leyva

We spent just two and a half days in the small town of Villa De Leyva but it was one of the most relaxing weekends I have had in a while. 

Mornings = Hammocks

Evenings = Chasing Sunsets

On the final day we woke up just before 5am to go and catch the sunrise over the valley. It felt just like I was sitting in South Africa with the rugged hills and distant mountains as the sun started to warm the landscape. 

As you probably know if you follow me at all, I can't get enough of sunrise silhouettes. Here are some of my favourites from the morning...

As the video suggested this is just part one of what will probably be an endless series of blogs as I explore more and more around the beautiful country of Colombia. I hope as I share more of this nation I can start to break stereotypes that seem to scar this country. Even if just a few of you have a different view of Colombia then it will be worth it!

I hope you enjoyed the trip! The best is yet to come.

Not The End