Day 2 #ExploringTheKingdom

Woke up early with the sun rising over the beautiful streets of Paris and slowly made my way to Gare Du Nord Station to pick a country from the screens and jump on the next train to it.

After a 3 hour wait in line to book the ticket I left Paris with 2 new travel partners from Norway and Taiwan. Another 6 hours later, after a couple of changes, we arrived in Brussels. 



I parted ways with my short-term travel partners as they carried on through to Köln and did my best to make the most of the few hours of daylight that were left.

Yeah... not many photos. At this point I remembered that I had nowhere to sleep, no map and worst of all no wifi.

Took in the beauty of Brussels Town Square, packed my camera away, grabbed a Belgian waffle, and wandered aimlessly around the streets of Brussels looking for some kind of accommodation.

Three way-too-expensive hotels later I found myself contemplating how I was going to make a park bench comfortable for the night. It turns out people from Brussels don't know where hostels are in Brussels.

Finally found a small youth hostel hidden away behind a church. It was a third of the price of the cheapest hotel, with breakfast and wifi. Some things really make you appreciate how easy it is to go home and sleep in your own bed. 

Next stop, Netherlands.