Autumn is definitely one of the most beautiful times of year as all the trees turn into flowers and cover the countryside in stunning oranges and reds. We headed up into the Lake District to spend a very quick couple of days away with family surrounded by the beauty of Autumn and of course taking the chance to capture as much of the autumnal beauty as I could in the short time we had.

We had a beautiful afternoon of sun on the first day and took the opportunity to walk around Rydal Water and explore the Hawkshead caves.

 An awesome shot from my dad  @ Paul Earle Photography

An awesome shot from my dad @ Paul Earle Photography

With the clouds rolling in the next morning and the rain deciding to make up for the dry day that we had before we just had to put our hoods up and make our way to some more caves to escape the weather as much as we could! 

The secret to having the best adventure is going outside of your comfort zone and doing something that you've never done before. So, we turned on our head torches and got lost in the tunnels and caves of an old man made quarry. 

Finding daylight in Cathedral Cavern.

We headed back out into the beauty of Autumn and made our way back to the B&B for a nights rest before heading back home the next morning. 

Just a quick couple of days to escape the busyness of life and have some time together and we were able to see some beautiful moments that would have simply gone unnoticed if we hadn't made the time to get away.

Never let the year pass you by without going to find some adventure in the midst of your everyday!